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We have a variety of ways in which you can contact us. Your email will be answered. And if necessary someone will reach out to you via telephone. If you are looking to buy advertising. We actually do sell it.

If you have an issue with one of our reviews please submit the form via our dispute section at the very bottom. There is access to this form at the bottom of each and every review. Keeping each review accurate is our priority. If any of the information is incorrect . . . take a deep breath. Send us an email and we will get back to you.

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Come and Advertise with us and reach your target customer any time . . . we will take the money you spend with us and use it to also advertise the website. And we make our money in the middle. We do not have extremely fancy advertising options that deliver tracking etc. It is your job to track the user after they get to your website. Many of our customers prefer to use 3rd party tracking software such as Tracking 202. Or some other method.

We have clients who will send all the traffic from our site to a specific sub folder and they can quantify the results in this method. The thing is that our traffic is relatively cheap and it is high quality. We have contracts available for as cheap as $500 a month without any impression capping or any of that garbage . . . just great traffic at a great price. We put you in the slot and you stay there for 30 days. It's an old school deal that has proven solid for many people. If you look at some of our advertisers . . . were one of the best kept secrets because Our traffic pays and they love our flat rate deals.

We don't get bogged down in the red tape and can do a hand shake deal.

Before you contact us realize our traffic brokering method is not sophisticated. Our business is not 100% selling advertising. It as a form of revenue is a relatively new part of our business. We hear from our customers that the results are spectacular. Just know we sell similar to your buying space on a billboard. You get a slot for as long as your willing to pay for it. . .

Someone can help you with outbound links etc. We are good paying traffic that is low maintenance and we like our customers to be just the same.

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The information we provide to our consumers is the life blood of our business. It is vital to us that what we publish is correct. We realize that mistakes happen. If you would like to dispute any information you have found in one of our reviews we welcome and encourage your feedback.

Failure to provide correct and verifiable information will result in a delay or possibly no response to your email at all. All information submitted will be verified for accuracy and authenticity.

In The Message You Must Include The Following:

  1. A Link to The Article or Section in Question
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  5. A Description of the Direct Nature of Your Grievance.

All legal letters can be emailed to: [email protected]

It is our goal to correct any incorrect information and reach a speedy and polite resolution.

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