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Promaxis RX Review

Promaxis RX Review Does Promaxis RX Work

Product Review

Product: Promaxis RX

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Promaxis RX Review:

Manufactured in the United States by CalComp Nutrition, Promaxis is a supplement that is intended to improve a man's ability to develop and maintain a firm erection long enough to reach sexual climax. The information on the website is limited, so it is difficult to form a clear idea as to what it is or how it works.

Although the website does contain a detailed explanation of the structure of the penis along with information on how to enlarge the blood vessels of the penis, no evidence is provided that clearly suggests this is what Promaxis is capable of doing. Nonetheless, the makers of Promaxis claim that you can enlarge your penis up to five inches in as little time as a few weeks simply by taking this "grow-a-longer-penis" pill.

Does Promaxis RX Work:

Although the company's presentation of Promaxis includes a full list of its ingredients, it does not go into detail as to what each ingredient is supposed to contribute to the process of making your penis longer, wider, and much bigger than it was before taking this supplement. One can only assume that the inclusion of L-arginine is intended to help stimulate the expansion of the blood vessels surrounding the penis, thereby making it grow.

Promaxis RX Ingredients:

Promaxis contains L-arginine, tribulus, ginseng, horny goat weed, oat straw, pumpkin seed, licorice, maca root, pygeun Africanum bark, and catauba.

Is Promaxis RX Safe?

Since no information has been provided as the direct result of a clinical study, the use of Promaxis is at your own risk. The product's website does not contain any endorsements for physicians or customer testimonials, further inhibiting a good rating for the product.

Promaxis RX In Conclusion:

Although one could also assume facts not in evidence about the other ingredients, but you might just be better off trying a product that has evidence to back up its claim that your penis will become larger.


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