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CDC Endorces Circumcision for Health Reasons

By: Trevor Ogintz

CDC Supports Circumcision

(MD Consumer Reviews) -- Health officials responsible for calling the shots on these kinds of things endorsed that all men should be "cut" as a means to prevent HIV in addition to other sexually transmitted disorders.

TSA Grope

What kind of business does the government even have over this you might wonder? The truth is we thought the same thing. Though this seems kind of like old news as far as we are concerned the fact that they are just publishing it now. Well . . . The Centers for Disease control AKA the CDC released its first-ever draft guidelines on drumroll please . . . "circumcision." You thought the Government was getting a little nosy with the NSA snooping and the peep show at the airport with some pasty guy beating off in some dark room at the top of the airport to penile X-Rays. Now good old Uncle Sam has decided to make "suggestions" to guys about whether or not to sport a turtle neck. This kind of rubbed us wrong for a bit until we started to read some of the data. Lord knows we have all had enough fondling by government officials passing through any airport in America.

BTW on a side note, one of our old staff writers at MD Consumer Reviews who just finished taking "Predoxen was stopped at the X-Ray scanner because his penis was so huge they thought he had something stuffed in his pants. Read the Full Article About Doug Here. He said the TSA lady with a big hairy mole on her chin was really getting into the "pat down" if you catch my drift. He said she was trying to get him into one of the back rooms for a closer "inspection." Knowing Doug he would have probably done it with her big hairy chin mole . . . coffee breath and all. Way to go Doug!! That's Predoxen for you.

This draft guidelines recommend that doctors sit down and talk to their parents on the health benefits of the procedure . . . at least the guys who are not already cut.

The guidelines are not forcing anyone into getting the procedure done. But the direction were going as a country in this day and age . . . we all sat around laughing thinking about some jack booted government thug kicking down our doors to do a penile inspection . . . trust us guys. We are all laughing thinking about it. Dr. Jonathan Mermin, director of the CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention, told the Associated Press that because this is a religious issue these are just passive guidlines the CDC reccomends you give men.

But "the scientific evidence is clear that the benefits outweigh the risks," Mermin said.

Circumcision . . . if you were born under a bridge is the surgical removal of the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis. In this sheith germs can collect and also multiply in the warm moist environment and harbor disease.

Clinical trials done in sub-Saharan Africa where the incidence of HIV is high have demonstrated that circumcision reduced HIV infection by 50 percent to 60 percent, the CDC guidelines note. The procedure also reduces by 30 percent the risk of contracting herpes and human papilloma virus (HPV), two pathogens believed to cause disorders of the penis. At MD Consumer Reviews . . . while we kind of found the government getting into our shorts a little bit off putting. Those numbers do speak volumes.

If you do not realize how AIDS is transmitted you should realize circumcision has only been proven to prevent HIV and sexually transmitted disorders in men during vaginal sex. It does not decrease your risk of spreading it to someone else. And from what we read the only research done is in regard to old fashioned sex. So if your doing any weird kinky stuff like a scene from Pulp Fiction with a zipper mask and a ball gag . . . you are probably at the same risk as anyone else. This covers just standard sex guys. It doesn't mean it is time to just toss out the rubbers either. Even if it feels better without them . . . even if you don't get a disease on your junk you might end up with a lighter wallet.

The science is not settled when it comes to homosexual activity in this specific area. Circumcision will also help to prevent urinary tract infections.

The most common risks associated with the procedure include bleeding and infection.

One statistic we found fascinating is that Male circumcision rates in the United States actually declined between 1979 and 2010 from 65 percent of the population to no more than 58 percent. So it appears that as of the last 30 years turtle necks are beginning to come back into fashion. At least for the time being.

Any Ways Guys . . . Thanks for Stopping by . . . and for the time being I suppose . . . keep it big and cut.

Whether You Win Or Lose Testosterone Is All that Matters

By: Trevor Ogintz

Competitive Sports

It is widely known among scientists that testosterone surges in competitive sports. But does winning really matter?? The so called "winning effect?" A new study that covered cross country runners says the answer is no.

The International Journal of Exercise Science published the research which was led by David Edwards who is a professor of psychology at Emorey University with the help of his graduate student Kathleen Costco.

Many people in scientific literature tend to tie "winning" to testosterone. It is really kind of a natural correlation if you think about it because you would assume that the winner of the battle would be the one with the highest testosterone levels because it is intuitive to belive that you can pair winning with testosterone levels.

Casto says "In this study, however, we found an increase in testosterone during a race regardless of the athletes' finish time. In fact, one of the runners with the highest increase in testosterone finished with one of the slowest times."

This study analyzed saliva samples of participants indicating testosterone levels rise in athletes during the warm-up period.

"It's surprising that not only does competition itself, irrespective of outcome, substantially increase testosterone, but also that testosterone begins to increase before the competition even begins, long before status of winner or loser are determined," Casto says.

Casto was a cross country runner who competed in the Division I category. An undergraduate at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington. She was a chemistry and psychology major with an interest in hormones as they correlated to competition in women. She applied as a graduate student in psychology at Edwards' lab when she learned about his work.

Edwards had collected data that went all the way back to 1999 on hormone levels of sports teams at Emory who volunteered to participate in the study. This research primarily involved female athletes. Edwards' lab developed a questionnaire to evaluate an athlete in terms of their team status. In the study other members of the team rate the leadership ability of the other individuals on the team to provide a combined rating score for each of the participating athletes.

Previous studies from the lab involved sports including volleyball and soccer which require substantially more team coordination to either win or lose. Casto decided to investigate how hormones relate to individual performance outcomes in cross country racing.

The moral of the story here is that competition will naturally increase your testosterone level. So the company softball game might be a good way to give your natural T-Levels a boost.