TSA Stops Man with 15 Inch Penis

Man with 15 Inch Flacid Penis Stopped by the TSA:
Red Rhino is Found to Be the Culprit.

Red Rhino Results

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WEDNESDAY Dec 10, 2014 (MD Consumer Reviews) --

Over Thanksgiving, former staff writer Doug Benson was stopped by the TSA under suspicion that he was attempting to pass through security concealing a weapon or with drugs concealed in his groin. TSA believed Benson was using a false penis to transport drugs into Las Vegas.

TSA Scan

Disclosure: Doug is a former employee of MD Consumer Reviews. He had tried most of our top products while working with us. He left the company in August to take a job testing products and formulations in Las Vegas. He was already one of the biggest guys in terms of length and girth in the office. If one guy could get 2 inches in growth out of a product he could get 4 or 5 full inches from the same product and batch. In terms of his penis in general he was like one of those guys you run into in the gym who are genetically gifted and just packed with muscle. Doug helped us a great deal because you could give him just about any product and you knew what would happen if you took the product for 3 months after his just taking it for a couple of weeks.

Doug was testing one of Edgewater Nutritions' new formulations. This story and the pictures he has provided have taken our entire office by storm. We are actually considering moving Red Rhino to our Top Product. Though we generally do not do that until we get back the new lab analysis and take a vote in the office.

Doug had been calling us raving that the new product was absolutly brilliant. He even said it was better than Predoxen. He actually sold his pictures to Edgewater Nutrition and they are letting us use them as a courtesy. Doug was an extreme kind of guy all the way around. We actually think he possibly took it a tad bit too far. Almost all the girls in our research agree that anything under 7 inches is a waste of time. In some instances though we think this might be taking it just a tad bit too far.

Because of this report we are considering moving Red Rhino into our top position as our featured product. It is currently in second place. The reason being is that they do not disclose the ingredient quantities and use a Proprietary Blend when listing their quantities. Usually we consider this kind of a red flag. But in this instance we were flat wrong. We just got off the phone with the company and they said they do not disclose the quantities because they have been hard at work on their formula for decades and they said they have one of the only truly effective products on the market which will allow men to control exactly how big they get. When I asked the guy to give me specific numbers and rations of his formulation he literally told me I could kiss his ass. Because he said that is their trade secret. We have heard that guys have gotten results similar to this by taking Predoxen. But this is probably the most dramatic results we have seen to date that also has the photos to prove it.

What if I don't Want My Penis That Big?

That is a really good question. Some guys probably don't want to get that big. And even his girlfriend said he had taken it a bit too far. There is noo need to worry because the way the products work is similar to going to a gym. You can stop taking it as soon as you see the gains you want. Red Rhino and Predoxen are actually one of the only products on the market that allow you to control your gains. If you get to where you want to be you can just stop taking the product for a while and then just take doses to maintain your size.

Will I Get the New Formulation?

Because this is an entirely new formulation and is replacing their old formulas we were curious if all the bottles would carry the new formulation. Edgewater was solid and said absolutely. They phased out their last formula and every bottle they currently have in stock contains this ground breaking new blend. Of which we wish we knew exactly what they put in the stuff and the exact quantities. We did a preliminary screening in our office and it came back negative for controlled substances. So you know that the product is completely safe. With the reputation of Edgewater Nutrition. We know they would never put their customers in danger.

What Makes This Formulation Different and Better?

Butate Extraction Red Rhino Extract

According to Edgewater nutrition they used an ingredient extraction method that is similar to how they produce something known as "shatter." Which is a high potency marijuana extract. They were able to introduce this method to concentrate the ingredients further than they had previously been able. One of the main chemists actually made break throughs in refining THC and making medical grade cannabis and pioneered some of the methods you see on the internet that involve a type of butane extraction.

Red Rhino is completely safe and is manufactured in a wholly FDA approved laboratory. While Red Rhino is not currently our top product it is closing in on that spot very fast and hard. We have to do a vote once we recieve the laboratory analysis to decide if the tried and true Predoxen has to give up it's gold medal. For the time being we are leaving our rankings as is and think both products are as equally effective.

Please Check Back as This Report Unfolds

Where can I Get this Insane Product?

You can Buy Red Rhino by calling: 1 800 707-2259
Or ordering from their website at www.redrhinopill.com.


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